Re: White Flag-I'm beat

From: rikam (
Tue Mar 13 18:17:34 2001

Oh come on!! This is just so wrong. It's wrong for you to hold the false belief that you have done anything wrong or anything you should feel guilt or feel bad about. Being the reason why someone stays or leaves is holding a lot of power. I do not honestly believe that you are the reason. Folks make choices. All you did was share. That's it. Nothing more. It was very kind of you to apologize and take on all the guilt -didn't- do -anything- wrong. Absolutely nothing. You are A-Okay and we like you just the way you are.

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Once and for all, last time, this is now officially put to rest. I personally take responsibility for the dissention among us. No one, and I mean no one, should leave or cease to correspond. Please keep in mind I was truly speaking from my pain and disappointment. The pain for me has now won. It has cost me jobs, quality time with my family and has caused damage to my progress in my education. It (the pain) has now after 4 years become unmanageable. By leaving this board you will be abandoning people like me who need you the most now. Sometimes just a kind word helps us to trudge on and continue to search for the perfect medical help for us that we so desperately need. I just wanted to help, I guess I got too passionate, but as I said I speak from the pain and frustration. Please reconsider and bring this board back to the support and information exchange it was meant to be. Regina T.

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