Re: Incredibly humbling story..religion topic

From: rikam (
Wed Mar 14 12:58:47 2001

Please don't ever minimize your personal experiences or your feelings. Everything you have gone through including all of your experiences, are just as valid, equally as valid as any of mine and in all reality were you to attempt to weigh them; you have experiences that weigh as heavily as the heaviest of mine.

You know what I have in my life that has brought me through hell and back? Why I have never ever been alone? I have God. God has also blessed me with a family, friends, and things in my life that bring joy to me (like the animals and plants). I thank him.

There have been times when I have felt so low. When the pain increases and at that same time things are simply not working know those days that no matter what you do it doesn't work and backfires on you. So you walk away from one task and simply go to the next but it backfires as well. Those times the pain levels are real high but in addition you break your toe, or sustain a nasty cut, or slam the car door on your hand and the main water pipe breaks, or the check doesn't come in the mail, the car breaks down and your child needs a trip to the ER those days when you finally say, fine. I won't try to do any more, I'll bake a nice cake for myself and the children, only to find that you have no eggs, or oil, and since the battery in the car died and the nearest neighbor is some distance away you can't get any...those times you say, Lord, why? Why do things have to be this way. I found myself doing this about a year ago and a few moments later a talk show came on the radio. The show was discussing the crucifixion of Christ in explicit detail. Tell ya, I felt ever so guilty. I immediately apologized, thanked him, and stood myself back up. I could never ever do anything to repay him or make it up to him. I could never come close to tasting his experience and his pain ...something he willingly put himself through just for me. So now, I try very hard to remind myself of all he went through. When the pain is bad, when nothing is working right and things are falling apart, I put extra effort into not giving up, or crying out to him about how horrible things are. Instead I simply talk to him as I would a best friend. I now share my feelings with him and my experiences (not all the time, but usually). I gain a lot of strength this way.

I apologize to those of other faiths. I'm certainly not trying to convert you. It seems that currently in the world there is a lack of respect, tolerance, acceptance, pride, integrity, etc. A lack of religious tolerance which is simply tolerating individual differences. I personally find it offensive to see t shirts promoting beer or pornography. I'm stuck tolerating it though. Now days, if you don't like your coworkers calendar because it refers to God, you can force them to remove it. Folks in the US needing to be coddled and pampered and not subjected to hearing words or music referring to God. What I write or share comes from my personal experience and feelings, based upon my personal faith and beliefs. I am not attempting to persuade anyone or irritate anyone by sharing this. My spiritual life is just as important as my physical health and it plays a major role in all aspects of my life; physical, emotional, intellectual, etc. It's impossible for me to compartmentalize each of them. It would cause me to be dishonest. They are intrinsically related.

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