Wed Mar 14 18:05:09 2001

Jackie My lower right side was in severe pain Sat. night I went to the er. I was hurting so bad my legs went numb it scared me to death I thought I was dying.The dr told me my blood count was norm but I might have apendicitis to go home and rest and I should know in 2 or 3 days.I am still hurting on and off extremely bad because when it starts hurting my back hurts really bad.Then of course on top of the adhesions I lay in the floor crying and moaning. I have been calling my dr for 3 days and can not get his nurse on the phone or to call me back.Sorry to go on and on but I can not get anyone to help me. I cry a whole lot. I can not even control my emotions anymore either I get mad so easy.I was a really happy person. Dawn

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