Re: New member/bladder adhesions?????

From: Michael Murray (
Thu Mar 15 18:19:37 2001

Jo, I think you set me straight. I have a lot of bladder problems too. I read that adhesions don't stick to bladders so I assumed all of my bladder problems didn't have anything to do with my pelvic adhesions. But I guess if you have them near your bladder, they can cause problems. Or, they can stick to your bladder? I'm glad I read your posting. Kel

Wally wrote:

> Hi Rose, my name is Joanne and there are many of us here who know
> exactly what mean about adhesions around on or near the bladder. Just
> the day before yesterday, my GYN told me that adhesions on the bladder
> are quite common. Nice of them (doctors)to tell us that BEFORE surgery!
> Rose, I had my hystorectomy in Feb 2000, and if you look it up in the
> archives you will find my story. I now have reduced capacity in my
> bladder.....just 300mls immediatley AFTER being stretched under
> anasthetc. It is healthy on the inside as confirmed by the uroligist
> when he did the "stretch". My problem is caused by adhesions all over
> my bladder, after 4 c-sections my bladder, uterous and abdomen were
> "glued" together with thick adhesions. My hystorectomy took 5 1/2 hrs.
> Rose, I now experience pain before during and after urination and cannot
> hold even a cup of urine in my bladder. The adhesions prevent the
> bladder from expanding (the bladder is a bit like a balloon and swells
> as the urine collects in it), therefore it can cause leackage and or the
> urine can back up into the kidney's causing infection and can cause
> other serious problems.
> I have been using Chinese herbal therepy, and find it has helped with
> this part of my problem very well, I don't have the pain, and my kidneys
> donot ache as much. (IT is wonderful to not have a constant back ache).
> Everyone is different, and because the herbal is working for me, doesn't
> mean that it will work for everyone. My advice is to try everything, do
> lots of reading and research....ask lots of questions here on the board.
> I have been able to make very serious decisions about my future
> treatment with the help of some of the information here.
> As for seeing adhesions on a scan, I'm afraid they don't show up. The
> only way to diagnose adhesions is by laperoscopy. This is a small
> incision in the or just under the belly button, a small camera is
> inserted into the abdominal cavity so that the doctor can look around.
> Laperoscopy provides the least opportunity for more adhesions to form.
> My laperoscopy revealed that my ovaries are attached to my vagina, my
> bladder is encased in adhesions and my bowel is adhered to the abdominal
> wall. I am scheduled for surgery on April 9 to "clean up" and seperate
> my organs, I was going to have my ovaries removed, but I have
> reconsidered and will ask the surgeon to just seperate them first, and
> only remove them if they are too damaged to remain, I am only 37yrs old.
> Don't loose hope Rose, as a support group, we will answer any question,
> my motto is the only stupid question is a question that isn't asked. So
> don't be afraid to ask ANYTHING, if we can't answer it, we will help you
> find the right place to get the answer.
> Welcome to the board
> Cheers and Hugs
> Jo
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> You will never never know.......if you don't give it a go :)

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