Re: I am in terrible PAIN

From: Jo Eslick (
Thu Mar 15 22:35:27 2001

Dear Stacey, I am sorry that you are in so much pain at the moment, this is the right place to "vent" and let out your feelings. We have all felt that we can't deal with "it" and we do understand how you feel.

A very wise woman told me once that women are "born guilty". They feel guilty when they are stay at home mums and aren't able to give their children "everything", while mums who work feel guilty because they can't be there all the time with their children. We feel guilty if we don't cook enough cakes and biscuits, or that the housework is behind, or that all the washing isn't done. It makes me chuckle everytime I think about that, because it is true! I catch myself doing it still!

So don't spend time worrying about your what you can't do with your son and concentrate on what you can do. Sit and read with him, talk to him about what he has done at school and with friends. Help him with his homework, or sit with him and watch his favourite TV show. Tell him how much you love him and hug him often. If you believe in God, help him with his prayers at night. At the end of the day Stacey these are the things our children remember.

My children love to hear stories about when they were little, and sometimes when we are travelling in the car, they will re-tell their favourite story.

You are special Stacey, there is no-one else in the world like you, and no-one can be a mother to your son the way you can.

Go pester those doctors, demand help with your pain, it is your RIGHT to be as comfortable as possible with this condition. If your doctor doesn't believe you or want to help you, go find another one. Most of all Stacey, remember that we are here to help and support you as best we can.

Cheers and hugs, Jo (Wally)

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