Re: I am in terrible PAIN

Fri Mar 16 05:41:30 2001

Hi Karen,

Thank you for the words of incouragement. I have started reading a lot of the sites that Helen Dynda sent me and they are really good. Fortunately with my mom, she lives in Florida and they are much much better about pain control than Kentucky. I wish all states would look at pain like Florida does. I used to live in Florida and never had a problem at all. My doctors were more than willing to keep me comfortable, but here it is like a whole different world. RUDE DR'S and all. My gynecologist here accused me of being a drug addict and having a very low tolerance for pain. I told him "If I had a low tolerance for pain I would have already put a bullet in my head" I know that probably was not the right thing to say but I was so mad i could have strangled him. My mom even called and talked to him and he told her I was a drug addict. I did give her permisson to speak with him and she let him have it too, but in a nicer way. I no longer see him of course, I try not to become mean with them anymore, because they can write anything they want to about you in the records. I guess the best thing to do is just go on to another.

Thanks again, Stacey

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