Re: Need help - let's try this again

From: Dee (
Fri Mar 16 09:48:11 2001

For some reason my original response has someone else's post inside...

Someone had suggested last month that if enough of us emailed Oprah we might get some attention. I was one who responded to that call and sent an email. I went to and sent mine to Oprah.

Again I send my sincerest sympathy and love to you and your family. Dee

At Fri, 16 Mar 2001, Karla wrote: >
>Recently someone mentioned having a potential in with the Oprah Winfrey show....well, I need that person's help. I apologize that it is for reasons other than adhesions, but I think my explanation will show that it is legitimate.
>As you are aware my four month old grandson died this past weekend. He died from suffocation. The baby blanket that my daughter had covered him with was one of those heavy fuzzy ones (if you know of anyone that has a baby...beg them not to use these). I started to do research on the internet regarding this and discovered that the U.S. Safety Commission advises that babies under one year should not use blankets at all. Those words absolutely shocked me. We have talked with many people in these last couple of days and not one person knew this. We need to get the word out before this happens again to another innocent baby.
>We are in the process of visiting every store that carries baby products to get them to post the informational warnings. We are visiting the hospitals...birthing name it. But, this needs to get out on the national level. To whomever this was that had the contact could you please email me??
>Karla N.

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