Re: I am in terrible PAIN

Fri Mar 16 10:54:21 2001


Thanks for the great info. I did use the Joint Commissions New Rules when I last went to the ER and the on duty doc was more than willing to help me out. Sent the nurse in every 30 minutes armed with a syringe filled with morphine 3 times ..and then sent me home on the Duragesic Patch.

My PCP accused me of "altering" an prescription for guess what?? Yeah Oxycontin, after all the hoopla came out in the news of course. I told my Pain Med doctor this and he said, he was scared after all the news brought this pill out in made it like we were all abusing it and selling it. NOT !! I have been accused of being out for drugs also. The ER even made mention of that I couldn't receive any more pain meds in the ER without the proper notification of a doctor of mine!! Talk about RUDE !! I have heard it all, and am so tired of it.

Best wishes to all...and again thanks for listening and sharing. That's why I love this site, to vent !!


Karen Carter

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