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From: jackie burgess (
Fri Mar 16 14:28:44 2001


I hope she keeps up with the speedy adhesion free.

(SELFISHLY) I AM A LITTLE JEALOUS AS THE PAIN IS SO EXTREME TODAY i HAVE TAKEN ALL PAIN MED. PRESCRIBED ,PLUS MORE,. The only thing I have found that has helped with pain tonite is alcohol I know you r all going to tell me off but my inner strength is weakening at the moment and I cant bear the pain at the moment. Have been in bed most of the week Not very practical with two children Is it!!

Sorry But I really feel that I cant take much more pain. take care I really am VERY PLEASED ABOUT JENNIFERS NEWS.


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From: Elke from Germany <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Friday, March 16, 2001 8:11 PM Subject: Jennifers second Look

> Hi everybody
> Jennifer had her second Look today and the Surgery went well.She is 100%
> Adhesion free.She is feeling fine and is leaving the Hospital
> tomorow.She is saying Hello to everybody and will write to the Board
> when she gets Home.
> Jennifer and her Parents going a little bit Sideseeing next Week and
> then of Home on Wendsday.
> I for myself sending pain free wishes to everybody on the Board is well
> and wait for the next to get here.
> By for now Elke

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