Re: Need help

From: Todd Palmer (
Fri Mar 16 17:06:29 2001

Hi Karla, I think I am the one you are looking for. I know the father of the producer for the Oprah show. I had a very long talk with him about adhesions and told him how I want her to do a show for us. He talked to his daughter and told her about it. She told him that we need to get everyone to e-mail and write (snail mail) in because they do read all of the mail. I suggest that anyone who sends a real letter puts it in a very noticeable package. I myself am going to the music store to buy several (as I will send many letters) of the envelopes they sell that you mail CD's and cassettes in. They come in a variety of very flashy colors and sizes and will get noticed right away. I am also going to put letters in boxes as these too will get noticed. In regards to your grandson, let me first say that I am so very, very sorry. I have prayed for your family every single night and will continue to do so. If you want to get the message out there and perhaps even get national notice, I suggest you write in the same fashion that I am going to do. My friend also had a very good point about not stopping with the Oprah show. Some of his other suggestions were: Maury Povich, Catie Couric as she is very emotional about such issues, Sally Jessie, Montel Williams, Good Morning America, your local T.V. and radio stations, your local newspapers(I live in St. Louis so I called the Post Dispatch) and anybody else you can think of. He used to be in Public Relations and dealt with this kind of thing all of the time. He said there is strength in numbers and you have got to get yourself noticed. Make all of the noise you can. I wish I knew the producer myself but with her dad making a suggestion to her, she might listen. I will talk to him again soon and will tell him of your tragedy. If you can get me any information, I will present it to him as well. I know this isn't much help but we have to start somewhere. I will help you any way that I can. We will get through this. You can e-mail personally at Take care of yourself and your daughter too! Love Lisa

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