Re: Drs. Redan & Reich info??

From: Michael Murray (
Fri Mar 16 20:10:18 2001

Chrissie, I talked to Dr. Redan last night. I now have to figure out finances! I know it will be worth the money going to Pa. from NM. I will pray about it and come up with a way to go. You know what is weird, today in the mail I got all of my prior records on surgeries: C-sections, Fibroid removal, hyst. etc(I only had records of the last surgery.) I was looking at the Dr. notes, and on every surgery, they removed adhesions. I did not know that. I'm kinda scared to go, it gives me butterflies thinking about it. Dr. Redan was very nice. I didn't feel intimidated talking to him like I do alot of Drs. Kelly wrote:

> Hey ya Kelly ")
> So glad that you are going to give them a call. It's a start!.......
> Hugs and Love,
> ~Chrissie xo's
> NH

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