Jennifer-Gall bladder attack

From: jenny low (
Sat Mar 17 01:28:45 2001

Dear Jennifer,

I think you should go see your doctor as soon as you can. My parents have both had surgery to have their gall bladders removed. And each of them went about it in a different way. My mom had gall bladder attacks for a while before she had hers taken out. I remember her laying on the couch with ice packs on her abdomen. My dad had to have his out just a few years ago. His was a pretty bad case. They took him to surgery as soon as they figured out it was his gall bladder that was causing him such pain. He had gone to the ER and they first thought he was having a heart attack. Anyway, they were going to try to remove it with a scope but ended up having to open him up. His gall bladder was turning gangrenous. All his other organs were wrapping themselves around the gall bladder and that is why it was gangrenous. They said your body does that. If one organ is sick and dying, the other organs will enlarge or wrap around the sick organ. Strange, isn't it? It is not something I would play around with in any case. They can take your gall bladder out now with a laparoscope. So the incisions are small and will be less chance of adhesions. I hope this helps in some way.


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