Re: vacuum

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Mar 17 13:52:01 2001

As most of you know I have an Inn and a Ranch. I have a lot of young help who continually say "sucks" which is kind of inappropriate for the general public. So now we say " That Vacuums" in a disgusted tone of voice. Anyway, a message about something other than " you know what". Love and kisses. Sally Grigg wrote:

> Hi Jackie,
> Isn't so nice to feel that we are not alone here?! When I'm feeling
> the
> lowest of low and I post here, I get wonderful uplifting responses and
> I know
> that I'm not alone. It's funny, instead of getting on the phone and
> calling
> one of my friends, I post on the board. Why you ask me? Because
> everyone
> knows exactly how I'm feeling because they have been there too. I
> know it
> sucks like a vaccume to feel this way, but to know we are not alone is
> great.
> Hugs and Love,
> ~Chrissie xo's

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