sitting up and smiling

From: Janet (
Sat Mar 17 18:48:16 2001

Dear All,

I can't tell you how much your kind and warm-hearted messages have helped me through the past few days. I am finally feeling more myself again and am feeling better by the hour.

Craziest thing about all this is that what was making me the sickest was 4th stage endemetriosis...I had no idea...there was a awd, a great big blanket of adhesions that meshed my rectum, uterus and bladder wonder my poop was coming ou as if it had run through a newspaper press!

My gall bladder was diseased and had adhesions to the duedenum and my that was all taken care of too.

I am so happy I could cry. This has been a painful last couple of years that I wouldn't wish on anyone. The doctor said I was most likely born with the endometriosis...I have been suffering with so many symptoms that I just got used is an amazing feeling to feel free!

Dr. Reich exised the endemetriosis so it wil NEVER RETURN!!!

I am sitting up in bed now watching Riverdance with my mom...eating a piece of APPLE...oh how wonderful and sweet the taste...there are so many foods I have not been able to eat for so long that I will now be able to eat.

My experience with Dr. Redan and Dr. Reich has been nothing short of a life saving, and live giving event. These are two devoted and truly wonderful doctors!!

I love you all, thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers and sweet messages. God Bless you all.


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