Helen C...Helen D...Helen G...just initial for last name...OK?

From: olddad66@runestone.net
Sat Mar 17 22:11:20 2001

Dear Helen C.

I have been getting a little confused too; but you don't have to change your name!! There are three ( 3 ) of us Helens posting messages; so couldn't we just simply post using initials for our last names?

* Helen C. for Helen Chalmers...the pain management expert

* Helen D. for Helen Dynda...the ARD education provider

* Helen G. for Helen Gibson...who is from Australia

Helen Dynda

~ ~ ~ ~

At Sat, 17 Mar 2001, Leni wrote:

Dear Helen:

Was thinking perhaps I should change my first name so that we aren't getting confused or other members aren't getting confused as to who we are. I had a nickname by the name of Leni, and I thought perhaps I should use that.

Leni Chalmers

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