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Sun Mar 18 13:50:26 2001

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[] No More Dr. Vicki Hufnagel...The Web's First Living Book!...

No More Hysterectomies, the enlightening and empowering book that has helped thousands of women to make the right choice about their female reproductive health problems. Learn how the male dominated medical profession and insurance industry has sanctioned millions of unwarranted Hysterectomies. Dr. Vicki Hufnagel, acknowledged world over as an authority on the subject, candidly explains how you can avoid this often unnecessary procedure.

* Contents: Dedication

* Chapter 8: Endometriosis and Adenomyosis

* Chapter 9: Monitoring Fibroid Tumors

* Chapter 11: Prolapse

* Chapter 12: Cervical Cancer

* Chapter 13: Understanding your Ovaries

* Pre-op Care: Preparing for surgery ... Preparing your body ... Evening Prep ... Hospital Comfort ... Consent Forms and the Morning Of...

* Post-op Care: The Post-op Experience ... Night-time ... Food ... Body Care ... Scar Care ... Other Medicines ... Supplements

* Going Home: Home Care Schedule

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