Re: vacuum

Sun Mar 18 13:57:49 2001


Sometimes I think what we have "sucks" and I don't mean that in any type of derogatory manner. It's used in staying "it stinks!" I agree, you are fine...I was not offended in anyway. How is your medication working for you? The patch is doing good, I went to see Dr. Stakus that Helen recommended I go see, he is the greatest. And has given me a chance to be on the right meds for myself, and will watch me thru post-op pain also. He said if nothing esle, my surgery will probably help with my stomach ailments. That would be awesome! Anything from the roller coaster ride up and down ....constipation. vomitting and diarrhea!! yuck.

Please take care, write soon. I am just anxious now and trying to figure out how to get this all in order with my kids, hubby and etc. Be well.



Karen Carter

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