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From: jackie burgess (
Sun Mar 18 18:57:13 2001

Hi kath, its now 01.21am, oh my what a terrible weekend i have had, last night sat. i was actually doubled up in agony, vomiting, crying with so much , well sunday exactly the same did not get out of bed ALL day & night, apart to be sick everything i ate or drunk came straight back up.but just had to get up to make a drink im so thirsty all the time. The med. the consultant put me on is sodium valporate) 200mcg X3 daily and 2 50mg voltrol 3 X daily and buccastem anti sickness tablet 1 3X daily, and also Librium, these r NOT touching the pain at all. I'm at my wits end, last night i seriously considered calling GP out, but then what can they do, now they r not allowed to carry pethadine(which does work for me) around with them, I thought perhaps it might be a partial blockage, but how do i know if it is, when i asked consultant he just replied you'll know (great). I actually was rolling around the bed in agony. hubby evenhad to help me take a shower. I this weekend can only eat small bits not even meals, just snacks. I find the morphine has the opposite effect on me it keeps me awake.

i'm going to drs mon. but i'll have to take a taxi as i know i cant anyone to take me.i will ask him about the patches.

just to let u know i wont be touching alcohol again.I know its not the answer. thanks for caring. regards jackie stickybits From: KathFindlay To: The UK Adhesions discussion List Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2001 4:55 PM Subject: RE: NUMBNESS [uk.adhesions]

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