Re: vacuum

Mon Mar 19 06:50:44 2001

Hey Karen, Your surgery will be here before you know it. Are you driving? If so, bring some pillows with you for the trip home. I did and it made me more comfortable - a pillow here and a pillow there. ") My pain doctor gave me the patch again. A lower dose as the higher dose made me sleep way too much. After 2 days of sleeping on the patch, my husband got nervous and woke me up. I thought I slept for just 15 min., but it's 2 days. Then the doc gave me a lower patch.....ARGHHHH Is anyone listening to me??? That's ok, cause I'm saving the money to go to a doctor that Helen Chalmers has helped me out tremendously with - God Bless Helen C.! Just waiting on all my medicals and then I'm sending them the doctors way. Going from there. Karen, if I don't chat with you before your surgery........May God be with the doctors hands the moment of your surgery. I'll pray harder on the day of your surgery. Hugs and Love, ~Chrissie xo's

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