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Mon Mar 19 08:12:06 2001

My kids and I say "sucks" a lot too and I never thought it was a swear word (I've always wondered who determines which words are swear words???) However, one of my daughter's teachers at school told her class that they weren't allowed to say that word so I guess many people do consider it a swear word. I'm willing to bet if this teacher ever got adhesions she would find herself using the term too though!! LOL! The only thing I am real adament about NOT saying and never allowed my children to say, is to take God's name in vain. It amazes me how many times people say "My God" as an everyday exclamation. Rosie

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> Chrissy,
> Is (sucks) a swear word in the US, we use it here in the UK as an every
day > word meaning its horrible, not fair, I think it is a word we have picked
up > from American TV but we do not feel that it is a swear word.
> Kathy
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> Sally,
> HUH? You didn't like me saying the word sucks as a description? I don't
> believe that word is a swear or inappropriate the way I used it - just a
way > of me trying to describe how I feel. It was not to offend anyone - my God
> if
> I wanted to offend everyone I would use the other words that you don't
want > to see and they are so much worse that the word suck. Just be direct and
> please let me know next time my words offend you, please don't beat around
> the bush.
> Hugs and Love to you Sally and everyone
> ~Chrissie xo's

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