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From: jackie burgess (
Mon Mar 19 11:24:53 2001

Hi Rose,

what a wonderful idea 'a black hole' or better still let's invite the doc's, who dont believe us, to come and spend a month LIVING WITH ARD SUFFERERS. I bet it will make them wake up, because as far as i can see they r already in the black hole, not being able to c wats going on in the real world of ARD regards

jackie B stickybits

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From: Rose Lunn <> To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <> Sent: Monday, March 19, 2001 2:55 PM Subject: Re: My life just Vacuums

> How about a Black Hole that we can drop all these poorly educated and
> sometimes unfeeling docs? Oh well, takes all types to make up this crazy
> mixed up world.
> I just wish there was a way to tattoo some of these doctors to show that
> they think we are hysterical women just after drugs! Then we wouldn't
> have to waste our limited medical insurance by dealing with them. (and
> just so you know I'm not internist is a woman!)
> Can you tell I had a bad weekend? I'm going to let this internist finish
> all her testing as it is necessary to rule out other things that could
> be wrong. BUT, if she doesn't give me a referral for pain mgmt., she's
> history!
> Keep strong!

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