Re: Gallbladder attack....when is it good to seek medical advice?

From: Jennifer (
Mon Mar 19 12:17:18 2001

Yah know what Toni? I went to the doc on Friday...had a bunch of blood tests done and this morning just went back for the results. They can't do anything for me....I guess they don't want to do anything until I have another one (which I hope never happens). Plus...the doc (or a doc in training) says that usually folks with type of problem are throwing up and have other GI problems after it happens. So he basically dismissed my case and said to come back when it happens again. I'm kind of ticked that it wasn't treated more seriously...but oh well...hope it never happens again.

I did look up on various sites pertaining to gallbladder problems... and most did say that a diet in low fat and fibery (think fruit...toast) is best for helping this problem.



>At Fri, 16 Mar 2001, toni welsh wrote:
>I have been having the same syptoms, I see my dr on Monday
>It would not hurt to call your dr, I did!

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