ADHESIONS QUILT: by first date last name

From: Helen Dynda (
Mon Mar 19 17:39:43 2001

ADHESIONS QUILT: by first name ... by date created ... by years ... by location ... by last name

1.) Click: Adhesions the top of any International Adhesions Society webpage.

* Names are listed alphabetically by FIRST NAMES.

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2.) To view names by DATE CREATED, YEARS, LOCATION, or LAST NAME...Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage; and click one of the following:

* by date created...for the most recent quilt story.

* by years...for the number of years before being diagnosed as having adhesions...from the MOST to the LEAST number of years.

* by location...Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom are listed first. Next, the states of the United States are then listed alphabetically.

* by last name...last names are listed alphabetically from A to Z

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