Re: Welcome to Andy

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Mar 19 20:01:06 2001

Dear Andy, Welcome to this site. You have come to the right place. I don't have any specific advice other than to be very careful of hysterectomies. I have never been able to have children and I miss them. There is a big hole in my life that can never be filled. Oh, yes, my life is full, as a matter of fact its overfull, and I' m in intense pain most of the time. I've had operations galore, and I do have a bad case of adhesions, but I wish I'd not listened to know it all doctors. You are too young to lose your childbearing gift unless its a matter of life or death. I hope that you can find the right doctors. Good luck and may God Bless you and Keep you Always.. Love, Sally Grigg

andy wrote:

> Well,
> I'm new to this site...
> I need advice....
> When I was 12 I had cysts on my ovaries and then when I was 14 had endo
> it had spread to my abdominal cavity, we did a lap and got rid of it. I
> then began the dopo shot and had no problems until last fall. I'm 21
> now and have no children. In october I was put in the hospital, for
> three days I was running a temp and the doctors didn't seem to know what
> was wrong. Finally they did a lap, and I had endo again, it was spread
> to my colon, abdominal cavity, it was everywhere. So they decided to
> put me on lupron after the surgery. At $420 these suicide shots have
> proven to be worthless to me. They cause severe depression, etc. Well
> I just had surgery again on Wednesday after three months of lupron i had
> endo again and my tubes and ovaries were covered in adhesions. They
> also did a cone on me because I have moderate dysplasia. I go in the
> office on wednesday to discuss new options. Is there anyone who has
> been through this and does not have children yet. I'm not sure what my
> options are other then a hysterectomy. HELP!!!

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