Re: Enough of vacuums

From: Sally Grigg (
Mon Mar 19 20:19:07 2001

Since I started the vacuums, I'm hoping to finish. My comments were meant in good humor as a joke. The young girls I've taken in to help me with the animals (my hired guy quit) think I'm an old fuddy-duddy. But my 93 year old mother-in-law who lives with us told me she would slap me if I used the word "sucks" around her. So I guess its generational, at this point I don't care. Chrissey, if it made you or anyone else laugh, that's all that matters.May the Light of the Lord Shine on you and give you Peace. Love, Sally Grigg

"Leni(Helen)Chalmers" wrote:

> Hey we could all try it. Just walk around saying that vacuums and this
> vacuums and maybe my son will stop saying that s--- word everytime some
> wrestler beats him on playstation II (and the darn wrestler is saying it
> too). Maybe I'll give it a try tomorrow and say now Alex, with his five
> boyfriends, when you have the feeling to say that word just say that
> VACUUMS. I'm sure I will be laughed out of the room, but hey, all the
> laughs I can get right now will help. We all need some laughter in our
> lives right now. Hey Chrissie, that pain doc of yours really vacuums
> and the pain meds he gives you vacuum too.
> --
> Leni Chalmers

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