Mon Mar 19 22:25:52 2001

Dear IAS members:

I have been trying to assist fellow ARD sufferers find doctors to treat their pain. In trying to do so, I have found myself running into a brick wall at times in many states. This has left me frustrated and I have felt that those I have tried to help I have only given false hopes to, and left them once again in search of a doctor to treat their pain. I have found that there are very few states that will actually help the chronic pain patient, as doctors are afraid to prescribe narcotic pain mediation, because of being investigated by the DEA and losing their license. This is the battle that I am asking my fellow ARD sufferers to help me wage as not only are we helping ourselves but the rest of the chronic pain patients throughout the United States. This must find it's way to Congress and we can only do so by writing our Senators and House Representatives. The following e-mails (with URL's) will give you links to how to contact your state Senators and House Representatives in order to fight the war against the DEA being able to stop Patients' Access to Palliative Care

Posted by Helen Chalmers

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