Re: Interceed or Intergel?

From: Lynette (
Tue Mar 20 01:23:27 2001

Hello Trace,

I am another adhesions sufferer who is looking for a good doctor. I would have preferred one down the Gold Coast as I live at Mt Tamborine, but it does not look like any are willing to take me on. Could you please send me contact details on Dr Layani as I am finding difficulty in finding his number in the directories.

I hope that you operation was successful and that you are at least achieving some measure of relief

Regards, Lynette

At Thu, 18 Jan 2001, dingoblue wrote: >
>Hello everyone ;-) I'm just checking in, I found a doctor in Brisbane, and wanted to thank eveyone for their help. Dr Layani said he will give me an appointment and operate the same day. He told me he believes that adhesions cause ALOT of pain, and was very sympathetic to my plight. Relief at last, was kinda getting down because I had been rejected so much and the pain is escalating.
>The only concern for me is that he will use Interceed, and I wondered what was the difference between Interceed & Intergel? Has anyone had more success with one than the other? Also the harmonic scalpel interested me, and I wondered what all of you thought.
>Thanks alot of everybody, for those of you having operations (I know of Elke) my prayers are with you.
>Kind Regards
>Trace xo

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