Re: Jackie in the sky with rainbows

From: Sally Grigg (
Tue Mar 20 15:40:59 2001

Dear Jackie, I'm so sorry you're in such distress. Think of coming to California to an Inn when you're better. I know its only a fantasy because you're so sick, but somebody will cure you. Somehow you need to find different doctors. I know its easier to say than do, but I've been on some of the meds you're on and they had no effect at all. As far as I'm concerned Librium is a ridiculous drug and only given by doctors who are afraid to give the things that work Try to keep up your spirirts. Sometimes, opiates act as sleeping pills and sometimes the opposite, I don't know why. I've also found that some doctors will give different patients different medicines for pain based on their presumption of your lifestlye, whether you're going to kill yourself with them, whether you drink or smoke, whether you are religious, whether you dress well and respectably, whether your husband dresses up and looks stern and respectable and stands behind you to give you support. My husband had a gentlemanly, forceful talk with my current doctor about my pain. I don't know if it helped a lot, but I did get results, instead of referrals to counselors. Although I do think that there is a place in our lives for good counselors. They can really get us to put things in perspectives.The following is not a joke. I went to a psychiatrist friend to obtain a letter saying my pain was real and I did not need a psychiatrist. The pain center that I went to insisted on a referral to their psychologist. When I explained that I had the letter only to avoid more rigmarole, they said that since I had been to a psychiatrist, I obviously needed one. They gave me no pain meds of any kind and sent me home to await their call. I live 6 hours from them. That was 9 weeks ago. I had already waited five months for an appointment and requested that as much work as possible be done that day since we lived so far away. I have since read in the paper that the Institution (and this is a world famous teaching hospital) is being sued for brutal and barbaric treatment of women. Anyway, my thoughts are with you. Good luck. Someday science will catch up to what we alreadly know and go further and actually help us. Just one more thought, don't really expect to eat regular meals, those days are over but it works out okay. You will feel better without overeating or eating the wrong things. Sorry to be so preachy and know it all. Sometimes I think I don't know anything at all. My thoughts are with you. Love, Sally Girgg jackie burgess wrote:

> Hi kath, its now 01.21am, oh my what a terrible weekend i have had,
> last night sat. i was actually doubled up in agony, vomiting, crying
> with so much , well sunday exactly the same did not get out
> of bed ALL day & night, apart to be sick everything i ate or drunk
> came straight back up.but just had to get up to make a drink im so
> thirsty all the time.The med. the consultant put me on is sodium
> valporate) 200mcg X3 daily and 2 50mg voltrol 3 X daily and buccastem
> anti sickness tablet 1 3X daily, and also Librium, these r NOT
> touching the pain at all. I'm at my wits end, last night i seriously
> considered calling GP out, but then what can they do, now they r not
> allowed to carry pethadine(which does work for me) around with them, I
> thought perhaps it might be a partial blockage, but how do i know if
> it is, when i asked consultant he just replied you'll know (great). I
> actually was rolling around the bed in agony. hubby evenhad to help me
> take a shower. I this weekend can only eat small bits not even meals,
> just snacks.I find the morphine has the opposite effect on me it keeps
> me awake. i'm going to drs mon. but i'll have to take a taxi as i know
> i cant anyone to take me.i will ask him about the patches. just to let
> u know i wont be touching alcohol again.I know its not the
> answer.thanks for caring.regardsjackiestickybits
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