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From: niko (
Tue Mar 20 16:18:56 2001

Hi Karen ;-))

I look forward to discussing pain free days with you Karen!!

Good luck, I know you are in good hands ;-))

Please don't forget to let us know your progress, we will miss you on the board but you are always in our hearts and minds.

Huge Cuddles Trace xooooooooo

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To All,

Tomorrow (Wed, March 21, 2001) is my day to leave for Pennsylvania for surgery on the following day with Dr.'s Gerhart and Redan. I am meeting with Dr. Gerhart tomorrow afternoon and am so looking forward to it.

Of course, I am nervous..but who isn't before surgery. I haven't been able to sleep a wink this week...but I am sure I will be sleeping like an angel on Thursday evening. My hubby, Dale and I are leaving in the morning, and my parents who live in Florida, left last week and stayed the night here in Virginia....drove to Connecticut to visit my 99-year old Great Aunt. They will leave as well from CT in the morning to meet us in PA, see at my age of 43, I still need Mommy and Daddy ! Thank heaven we are all blessed to have them in our lives.

God bless all, and I will be in touch with my dear friend Helen Chalmers Thursday evening sometime to give her an update, either thru myself or a family member will give her updates to post to the wonderful friends I have made on this board.

In Health,

Karen Carter

Karen Carter

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