You might be an adhesion sufferer if...

From: J.J. (
Tue Mar 20 17:09:37 2001

Hi folks,

I got bored and decided to have a little fun. Enjoy!


- You've memorized when your local pharmacy receives shipments of Senekot

- You've been blacklisted by every gastrointerologist within a 50-mile radius

- The ER staff knows you by name and keeps a locker for you

- You have more heating pads than the entire neighborhood combined

- You plan a party because you had two meals and hadn't been in pain all day

- Your nightstand looks like a medicine cabinet

- The speed dial on your telephone contains the numbers of your general physician, GI, OB/GYN, and four of your favorite surgeons

- The phrase "They've got guts!" makes you think twice

- You get frustrated because your medical dictionary doesn't have an entry for "adjuvant"

- You can recite all the anti-adhesion gels by heart, as well as their manufacters

- Your idea of a dream vacation getaway is going sightseeing in beautiful Germany on your way to a world-renowned specialist

- You're the first person friends and family approach when they need the correct spelling of "colonoscopy" or "laparotomy"

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