Re: New Adhesions Sufferer Seeking Support

From: Helen Chalmers (
Tue Mar 20 22:13:22 2001

Dear Missy:

I will send you the letter allowing me to be your IAS Patient advocate for you. Please sign it and return it to me. In a private email, please send me the name of your doctor and his phone number. In your signing this letter, this will allow me to discuss your case with your doctor. Of course, I will not be speaking about your medical history, only to put a little spark under their butts to get them moving in sending out your medicals. If you already have a pain specialist in mind, I can have them send the medicals directly to the pain specialist, and there will be no charge to you. Please start working on who you will be seeing for pain intervention through your state pain rep. I understand that at this time, when we are at our lowest of lows from being in terrible pain, we feel as though we just don't have any strength or energy left, but this is the time (RIGHT NOW) to pull all your energy into getting the help that you need. Pull every ounce of energy you have right now in fighting for your life. With all your energy, anger, stay focused (getting the help that you need), you can do this! Stay diligent and determined and do not give up.

In Friendship

Helen Chalmers - Patient Advocate for the IAS

Helen Chalmers

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