Re: Karen Carter

From: Dee (
Fri Mar 23 06:42:47 2001


Please give my love to Karen when you talk to her. Tell her she has been - and will continue to be - in my thoughts and prayers. I wish her a speedy recovery and a safe trip home.

I sent my letter to Washington. Thanks for all you do! Dee

At Fri, 23 Mar 2001, Helen Chalmers wrote: >
>Dear Friends:
>I have heard that Karen's surgery went well and she is still
>recuperating at the hospital tonight. Before Karen left she gave me
>permission to let all of you know about her surgery. Dr. Redan found
>she had bowel adhesions in her pelvis to her prior hysterectomy, kinking
>off her colon, took out her appendix too. Her biggest problem was that
>she had a chronically inflammed gall bladder. Her gall bladder was
>stuck to her duodenum kinking that part of her bowel off too, causing
>her nausea.
>Going back a few months ago, after hearing Karen's plea for help on the
>adhesion board I contacted her in trying to find her a doctor to assist
>her in treating her for the tremendous pain she was in until her surgery
>with Dr. Redan. Her PCP and her GYN denied her any pain medication,
>and actually said that they would be dropping her from their care as she
>only had minimal adhesions and was not in need of any pain medication.
>Her PCP also told the hospital (her only alternative to finding pain
>medication) to not allow her into the ER again without permission from a
>treating physician (she had none) and both refused to give her a
>referral to a pain specialist that I suggested see she to treat her
>pain. I did contact her GYN as her "Patient Advocate for The
>International Adhesion Society," and asked politely that they write her
>a referral to a pain specialist immediately, in fact, I would like a
>referral to be faxed with her medicals the same day to the doctor that I
>wanted her to see. Obediently, they did so upon my request and she was
>given an appointment with my doctor and treated her as a suffering ARD
>patient, and gave her the medicine she so much needed.
>What my intent here is to just let everyone know, and I know most of us
>have been treated this way by doctors also, is that Karen was
>experiencing this terrible pain, had medical proof that she had
>adhesions, but was still treated in such a disrespectful, callous,
>uncaring, selfish, unprofessional manner and was just looked upon as a
>drug seeker when we can all see by the above surgery the tremendous pain
>she must have been enduring during these months since her hysterectomy.
>This is what myself and Helen D. are trying to do here, is prevent this
>from continuting to happen to our fellow ARD sufferers (actually all
>chronic pain patients) and why we have asked you to write to your
>congressman, state representative and the President of the United States
>if we have to. This terrible treatment of ARD patients and all those
>suffering in chronic pain must be stopped.
>I will update all tomorrow as soon as I hear from Karen.
>Karen: My prayers and thoughts are with you. To wonderful pain-free
>days ahead and next time I'll treat you to lunch.
>Love, Helen Chalmers
>Helen Chalmers

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