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Fri Mar 23 07:41:54 2001

Helen, Thank you for letting us know the outcome of Karen's surgery. I thought and prayed for her all day watching the clock. I am so happy that the anxiety is over for her and she is on the road to recovery. No wonder she was in such pain. Did they say how long the surgery was? I'm just curious beacuse of the extensive amount of work they did.

There is one question I have for you but I am afraid I know the answer already. Can the doctors and hospital that denied her care and meds get into trouble for neglect or misdiagnosis or something? With all that the doctors found during surgery it seems like hard core proof of neglect to me. What would have been her prognosis if left untreated? You know, of all surgeries that I have heard about since joining IAS, Karens alarms me the most. Knowing what all was wrong and thinking how much pain she must have been in infuriates me. How dare her old doctor treat her that way. It would make me want to make an appointment with him just to go in and show him the surgical report and ream him a new *******. (Sorry-hope not too explicit!) >From now on, I am going to take a more active, stronger position with my doctor. I should not have to go to see him for pain meds with my head hanging feeling like he thinks I am a drug addict. If I ever get refused treatment or pain meds, I will be so much more persistant in seeking out someone who is willing to help me. I really appreciate all that you and Helen D. have done for this group. Your tireless efforts, time, research and dedication to ARD sufferers is priceless. I am sending my congressman and state rep. letters today.
Thank You!

Love Lisa

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>Dear Friends:
>I have heard that Karen's surgery went well and she is still
>recuperating at the hospital tonight. Before Karen left she gave me
>permission to let all of you know about her surgery. Dr. Redan found
>she had bowel adhesions in her pelvis to her prior hysterectomy, kinking
>off her colon, took out her appendix too. Her biggest problem was that
>she had a chronically inflammed gall bladder. Her gall bladder was
>stuck to her duodenum kinking that part of her bowel off too, causing
>her nausea.
>Going back a few months ago, after hearing Karen's plea for help on the
>adhesion board I contacted her in trying to find her a doctor to assist
>her in treating her for the tremendous pain she was in until her surgery
>with Dr. Redan. Her PCP and her GYN denied her any pain medication,
>and actually said that they would be dropping her from their care as she
>only had minimal adhesions and was not in need of any pain medication.
>Her PCP also told the hospital (her only alternative to finding pain
>medication) to not allow her into the ER again without permission from a
>treating physician (she had none) and both refused to give her a
>referral to a pain specialist that I suggested see she to treat her
>pain. I did contact her GYN as her "Patient Advocate for The
>International Adhesion Society," and asked politely that they write her
>a referral to a pain specialist immediately, in fact, I would like a
>referral to be faxed with her medicals the same day to the doctor that I
>wanted her to see. Obediently, they did so upon my request and she was
>given an appointment with my doctor and treated her as a suffering ARD
>patient, and gave her the medicine she so much needed.
>What my intent here is to just let everyone know, and I know most of us
>have been treated this way by doctors also, is that Karen was
>experiencing this terrible pain, had medical proof that she had
>adhesions, but was still treated in such a disrespectful, callous,
>uncaring, selfish, unprofessional manner and was just looked upon as a
>drug seeker when we can all see by the above surgery the tremendous pain
>she must have been enduring during these months since her hysterectomy.
>This is what myself and Helen D. are trying to do here, is prevent this
>from continuting to happen to our fellow ARD sufferers (actually all
>chronic pain patients) and why we have asked you to write to your
>congressman, state representative and the President of the United States
>if we have to. This terrible treatment of ARD patients and all those
>suffering in chronic pain must be stopped.
>I will update all tomorrow as soon as I hear from Karen.
>Karen: My prayers and thoughts are with you. To wonderful pain-free
>days ahead and next time I'll treat you to lunch.
>Love, Helen Chalmers
>Helen Chalmers

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