Re: need a boost

From: Michael Murray (
Fri Mar 23 16:26:42 2001

TWSISLER, Yes I am going to a pain clinic, but I just can't go on like this. The med's seemed to work pretty good at first, then the pain got worse. They increased one of my med's, so far I haven't noticed a big change. I am on about 5 different meds. A couple of them make me very drowsy so I can't take them in the day because I work part-time for a social worker and I need to stay alert, even though the pain seems to make me not concentrate very well any way. I am hoping to have my surgery pretty soon, I have to mail some paper work to Dr. Redan Monday. I don't have a big problem eating for some reason. I always eat to make my tummy pain feel better, but it does make it worse. I will be on my 6th surgery, 2nd for adhesions. Kel


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