Re: Surgery for adhesions

From: Todd Palmer (
Fri Mar 23 22:42:32 2001

Hi Tim, What a thoughtful caring friend you are to be so concerned with her health. Adhesions are so painful. Only she can make her decision. Is her pain unbearable or is she able to tolerate it somewhat? Have her read our stories on the quilt. Each of us has a different story but yet they all tell the same tale. In my opinion, it was worth having my surgeries just to get a brief period of relief. I know that some day I too will make the pilgrimage to Penn. to see the great doctors there. For now, I just take my pain meds and cope the best that I can. If she has found a doctor who is willing to do surgery and thinks he can help her, if it was me, I would do it in a New York minute. I don't want to influence her in any way, this is just my opinion. Welcome to the IAS website! We all care very much about each other and all understand the pain and anguish that adhesions bring. We are here to help! Hugs, Lisa

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