Re: Adhesions Cloth Quilt

Sat Mar 24 11:47:10 2001

Hi Lisa, tee hee - you are in the same boat as me - I can't sew a thing. Hmmmm - and as I remember correctly - I didn't pass the sewing and cooking class in school...tee hee. Anyway, you said how do I do it - what I did is have my very talented sister help me out with my patch. Do you know anyone who can sew? Remember, it's on a 12"x12" patch. I might be able to ask my sister if she's willing to help out others with her sewing talent - hope my sis says yes, then I can have the sewing illiterate, such as myself, send their information to her........ ") I remember when the total years of the quilt was only 80 something! BIG HUGE increase in hours huh? Love and Hugs to you Lisa, ~Chrissie Damon xo's

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