Karen is not recuperating at the hospital

From: Helen Chalmers (Hchalm@aol.com)
Sat Mar 24 22:57:08 2001

Hello Karen: Thought I sent this once, so if it's double, oops again. I should have read a little further up the board. Had no idea you were out and home already. Was wondering why I hadn't heard from you and was getting worried.

Glad you are home in your own comfy bed and on your way to (hopefully) a wonderful pain-free life. Now remember when we said we were going to have a girl day and fly somewhere and party it up when you were all better. Well, I'm holding you to it. So happy for you Karen. Guess I'll be seeing Dr. Statkus on my own, but my girlfriend with the fybro. now goes with me on our 2 month visits, and we were able to have lunch in VA, so the trip isn't as bad now that I have a buddy to drive with. Dr. Statkus offered to give me a morphine drip pump for the pain, so that is something that I am contemplating.

Give me a call when you are up to it.

Love ya,

Helen C.

Helen Chalmers

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