FIBROIDS: Questions For My Doctor

From: Helen Dynda (
Sun Mar 25 12:19:57 2001


Questions For My Doctor:

What should I ask if I am "watching" my fibroids?

1. How many fibroids do I actually have?

2. What size is my fibroid(s)?

3. Where is my fibroid(s) located ( outer surface, inner surface, or in the wall of the uterus )?

4. Can I expect the fibroid(s) to grow larger?

5. How will I know if the fibroid(s) is growing larger? Will I need a sonogram?

6. What problems can the fibroid(s) cause?

7. What treatment options will you consider if my fibroid(s) becomes a problem?

8. What are your views on treating fibroids with a hysterectomy vs. other alternatives?

What should I ask if I need to treat my fibroid symptoms?

1. What size is my fibroid(s) and how big is my uterus?

2. How many fibroids do I have?

3. In what part of my uterus is my fibroid(s) located?

4. Should I be considering medical therapy ( hormone treatment ) instead of surgery?

5. Why are you recommending this particular type of surgery and what can happen if I don't pursue the surgery at this time?

6. Do you know about and do you refer any of your patients to have the procedure known as uterine artery embolization?

7. Do you do myomectomies? How often and what types ( abdominal? hyseteroscopic? laparoscopic? )

8. What happens if you start a myomectomy and you find that you can't remove the fibroid? Will you go ahead and do a hysterectomy?

9. What will my recovery be like ( time to heal )?

10. Ask about the benefits and the risks of any procedure your doctor is recommending.

11. Will I require a blood transfusion?

12. How do I know my fibroids won't recur?

13. Why are you recommending a hysterectomy? Are there any less invasive choices? Why not? How many fibroids do I actually have?

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