Fibroids - Uterine Leiomyomata

From: Helen Dynda (
Sun Mar 25 12:59:15 2001

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1. Are fibroids hereditary?

2. Submucosal fibroids and want to become pregnant

3. Will LupronŽ treatment cause ovarian cancer?

4. Endometrial ablation for fibroids

5. Can fibroids cause kidney pain and urine problems?

6. Fibroid of the falopian tube

7. Can a fibroid come thru or from the cervix?

8. What other options than hysterectomy for fibroids?

9. Ultrasound report on fibroids - what does it mean?

10. Treating fibroids with birth control pills

11. Concern about pedunculated fibroid

12. Want a pregnancy but I have large submucosal fibroid.

13. Do fibroids causing pain mean a hysterectomy?

14. Submucosal fibroids and endometrial ablation

15. Do hormone imbalances cause ovarian cysts or fibroids?

16. Can fibroids cause urinary urgency?

17. What to expect with a sonohysterogram for possible submucosal fibroids

18. Can five months size fibroids be reduced for hysterectomy?

19. Pain and bleeding - maybe not due to fibroids

20. Pregnancy risks with fibroids

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