Re: Adhesions Cloth Quilt

From: Sally Grigg (
Sun Mar 25 13:33:20 2001

Dear Chrissie, Hi, I'll try to sew up a square, maybe Tammie could pick a color theme or maybe it doesn't matter? I thought at first it was really important but with lots of squares it will probably not matter. Love, Sally

Chrissie wrote:

> Hello my dah-lings....... ")
> Tammie (Tamietigger) a wonderful and talented person - would like to add
> your name to the ARD quilt she is making! This is so awesome, I can't
> even sew a button to a shirt.....tee hee
> If you would like to add your name to the ARD quilt all you have to do
> is make a 12" X 12" square and have your name as well as how many years
> you have suffered with ARD on the square. I'm so happy, I'm going to
> have my sister, the one who can do it all - help me make my square.
> Maybe some cross stitch or material letters sewn in the square. Who
> knows, maybe this is were I pick up sewing?!
> Tammie will be posting her address when she gets out of the hospital and
> will be excited to add all our names as well as new people to the quilt.
> Isn't this WONDERFUL! Thank you so much Tammie from the bottom of my
> heart!!
> Love and Hugs to all of you. ")
> ~Chrissie Damon xo's

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