Re: Adhesions....Can They Return?

From: Michael Murray (
Mon Mar 26 07:16:03 2001

Jessica, I did not know that adhesions would return and after spending thousands of dollars, I found out that they do come back. Why Drs. won't tell us, I don't know. If you are talking about bladder incontinence, YES I have it BIG time. I read that adhesions would not stick to a bladder, but from what I have learned on this site, I know that they cause incontinence. Kel

Jessica Baleyko wrote:

> Hello to all! I have 2 questions 1) How are adhesions and adhesion
> related disease different? 2) Does anyone else have any problems with
> incontience? Love to all! jessica
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> >Subject: Re: Adhesions....Can They Return?
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> >Hi Destinywants2,
> >You betya those nasty sickly yucky adhesions can return! YUCK! They
> "smack"
> >big time. Adhesions can cause pain and also do other things to your
> body as
> >you will see on the posts of the IAS board.
> >What can we do to help you?
> >Love to you Destinywants2,
> >~Chrissie Damon xo's
> >NH
> version see

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