Re: Thanks Janet - Support with Suze ;-)

From: niko (
Mon Mar 26 21:33:43 2001

Clear DayHey Janet ;-)) Thanks it is nice to be pain free, (Feb 12th) I don't take it for granted ;-)) My poor Nik is feeling the pressure of my wellness *giggle*, he sees me give him "The Look" and runs for it LOL Must be the testosterone implant or something hehehehehe.

I read every one of your posts, and I smile when I see that your doing so well too. If all our members keep getting great doctors, we will have to change the name to the International Adhesions Pain Free Club. Quite a nice thought anyway.

Suze actually is in theatre as we speak, apparently there was two surgery cancellations today. Now, that's a relief. She was concerned the doctor might be "tired".. although I'm sure they are used to it all. Still a concern nonetheless, that she didn't have to worry about. Hopefully she will be out of theatre in about three hours from now.. *sighs*

Fingers crossed. Legs are crossed.. well for today anyway LOL

Keep smiling !! Lotsa Love Trace xo

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From: Janet Karam To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sent: Tuesday, 27 March 2001 12:53 Subject: Re: Support with Suze ;-)

You got it Trace...sending you and Suze lots of love and hugs! So glad to hear that you are still pain-free, and doing so well, going on 2 months now, eh?...I'm well on my way, down to only 4-5 Darvacet per day...what a miracle!



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