Re: Jessica's question about bladder adhesions.

From: Jessica Baleyko (
Tue Mar 27 05:30:14 2001

Thanks for the reply Helen!  You did help me.  I guess I do need to go back to the doctors, I just have had such a time with the usual misdiagnosis, doubts about the amount of pain i'm in, and all they want to run all kinds of stupid, uncomfortable, time consuming tests that don't show anything!  Right now I'm out of pain meds, been taking lots of asprin, and gritting my teeth a lot because I don't even want to call the doctor to get a refill.  I'm doing so much better now that they took out my ovaries a year ago but this incontinece thing started about a month ago.  Guess I'll strap on my warrior belt and go see a doc.  Have a great day and thanks again :0) jessica

>From: "Helen Gibson"
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Jessica's question about bladder adhesions.
>Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 00:29:37 -0600
>Dear Jessica,
>Just wanted to say that I've just had an operation on my bladder, for damage caused by adhesions, they can and do stick to the bladder, causing nerve damage, and incontinence.
>With my last adhesion surgery (Oct 2000), they found my ovaries and bladder glued together, had a very long operation 5 hrs, and hence no more ovaries, this was the 3rd time they had stuck themselves to my bladder.
>Go get your bladder checked out, incontinence is the pits, hope that helps you some.
>Helen G

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