Re: Sleepless in Florida

Tue Mar 27 07:55:55 2001

Kelly D, Good morning dear, I hope you are all right after all that golyte, I know it is horrible. You don't have to thank me for being there that is what the group is for, to be there for eachother when the hard time hits. I only hope that none of us hit depression at the same time, what a sad sack of rotten potatoes we would be then huh?

My story is long and boring, but having just been told not actually diagnosed with adhesions is what sent me on this quest for information. I found this site and the ASAP site. Yes I have talked to Helen C. she is the most wonderful amazing woman in the world and would cut her arm off for you if she thought it would help. She is very frustrated that I am not getting adequate medical treatment for the pain, but we did find the doctor in Mississippi and we are praying (please pray too) that he is as good at what he says he is. I want some pain control so that I am not a burden to my family, so that I can function even at 1/10th the level I used to.

I've had 13 surgeries and swore I'd never go through another one, but right now I would welcome adhesiolysis with open arms if it meant I would be somewhat pain free even if just for a month. If you take all the years I've been fighting, first with cancer, and now this it's been over 15 years and I am exhausted frustrated and mad as a cat on a hot tin roof. I guess that means I'll get something done. I hope that's what it means LOL

Well dear, you hang in there and keep that upper lip off the floor and remember that I am here with big ears and wide shoulders and lots of crying towels. I do really understand.

Love, Missy

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