Tammie (Tammietigger) special talent for quilts

From: Chrissie (Chrissy492@aol.com)
Tue Mar 27 09:39:51 2001

Hi there, ") Tammie is home and recuperating. The best thing for her now is to keep busy with the cloth adhesion quilt. Have you started yours yet? I just bought all the things I need for my 12"x12" and should be done by the beginning of next week. The sooner we get our patches to her the better. You never know where that quilt will be needed and when. Can you believe this? We are actually having our quilt made for us! What a step towards our awareness! One step closer for help and awarness. Let's get it started ASAP and get that quilt out there for ALL to see! Maybe some of you can share on the board what you are going to do on your square. My sister (who's helping make mine) said that we will be doing some cross stich and some cloth paint. I get clumsy with needles so I think she can do that part - I'm safe with pain, that comes off the body easliy and doesn't cause pain. Tee hee...... Love to you all and lets get those squares started. (By the way, Tammie will be posting her address so that you can get an address to send those patches to) ~Chrissie Damon xo's NH

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