Re: I cant carry on like this anymore!!!!

From: rikam (
Tue Mar 27 13:07:01 2001

Please don't feel alone. Been there in almost identical situation. I certainly relate to the fear and flashbacks as my entire family suffered from both...some still do. Most of my family members cannot even go to the doctor. Hospital admission...forget it. Two of us were seriously ill a year ago. We had admission papers. Showed up at the hospital and were sitting in front of the admittance clerk when suddenly four of us went into a total panic. Heart racing, sweating etc...we all bolted...we ended up driving a two mile circle around the hospital for over two hours when finally we just ended up getting a hotel room a half mile away and informed our doctor. Have had many experiences like this. Bolting off the surgical table etc. Trauma. Please are definately not alone...I too sustained bladder injuries and bowel injuries as well as other iatrogenic injuries. Oh, they don't have to do a scope surgery to find adhesions. They can do a mini surgery or an open surgery as well...they don't have to do any blind pokes either. How long ago did you sustain your injuries? Are you taking any antiemetics? Pain meds? Is anyone coming 'round to visit you?

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