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From: Helen Dynda (
Tue Mar 27 15:14:44 2001


Asherman's syndrome is the occlusion or obliteration of the uterine cavity due to damage to the lining of the cavity ( endometrium ). This is not common but is important to recognize it if indeed present. When the endometrium is destroyed beyond a certain depth ( believed to be the basalis level which is the level that promotes subsequent growth ) in the context of hypoestrogenism ( a low circulating estrogen concentration ) then permanent scar tissue can easily form within the cavity. Clinical situations that increase the chance of Asherman's Syndrome include:

* overzealous dilatation and curettage ( D&C )...especially for a missed abortion, postpartum bleeding, or septic abortion,

* intrauterine surgery to remove fibroid tumors,

* uterine structural defects ( septum, bicornuate uterus, large polyps ),

* or at cesarean section infections related to IUD use ( or the placement of any foreign object within the uterine cavity ),

* some uncommon infections of the uterus ( such as intrauterine tuberculosis or Schistosomiasis )

* or radium insertion into the uterus for the treatment of gynecologic cancers.

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