Re: things are still 'moving'

From: Millie (
Tue Mar 27 20:16:42 2001

Dear Kelly, I like the name 'marathon.' Monday evening, I start my very own marathon but with the phosphosoda. It'll be a marathon within a marathon to keep the stuff down. Think I'll mix it with gingerale. Do you ever notice that you're the thirstiest when you can't have even a sip of water? I'm so used to my nightly refrigerator visits. (: Good luck with everything. Millie

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> Dear All,
> after an all night marathon, I am still "going" I have to grit my teeth
> and can't take any meds because my procedure is at 1:00. No water. No
> nothing.
> Hopefully I will find some answers and can make some decisions.
> Thanks everyone for listening and holding my hand through all of this.
> My family can't understand why I am always on the computer now:)
> love,
> kellyd

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