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From: Eileen Rivera (
Tue Mar 27 21:00:12 2001

Hi Kelly,

I'm also an adhesion sufferer. I had surgery 7 weeks ago (intestinal obstruction) and the adhesions are back again! I have had 9 surgeries of endometriosis, hysterectomy, adhesions, etc, etc, etc. I have terrible pain where I had a lot of adhesions. I called my doctor and he said to go to ER to have some x-rays done to see what is going on. The area where it hurts is a reddish color and swollen. Four weeks after surgery I had an infection.

Can adhesions "wrap" ALL the organs like it did twice with my intestines? Can this kill me? I'm desperate !!!!! God bless you all.


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Dear Rajain, I had a similar experience and only had a few weeks of relief from surgery. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I'm new here and wrote my story on the quilt, we have a few things in common, as far as similar surgeries, endo, etc. Hope you feel better, Kelly Doucet

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