Re: Suze & Robyne

From: niko (
Wed Mar 28 03:30:15 2001

Hey Jenny ;-))

I will most definitely pass it on, Gary has been reading some of the emails to her when she wakes ;-)) He said she keeps asking the same questions over and over *giggle*.. I'm sure it's the anaesthetic .. but I'll still repeat everything when I talk to her, I will tell her it's because she's from New Zealand or something mean like that. Should put a smile on her face ;-))

Robyne can be contacted at the same link Jo posted, as she is in the same hospital. I'm sure she would love any emails as well.. she needs all the support she can get. She is struggling with everything that has been happening.

Your support is beautiful as usual ;-))

Love you heaps Trace xo

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> Trace,
> I am so sorry to hear of Robyne's loss. Please send my deepest sympathies
to > her for me. Also tell both Suze and Robyne that they are in my thoughts
and > prayers for healing and a quick, easy recovery.
> Love,
> Jenny
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> >Subject: Suze & Robyne
> >Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 06:28:32 -0600
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> >Clear DayHi Everyone ;-))
> >
> >Just a quick note to say that our Suze is out of surgery and resting. The
> >details are not even known to her partner yet, of the operation's
success, > >but I'm sure we will know tomorrow.
> >
> >Just knowing she came out of it ok made me howl like a baby .. think
that's > >enough to digest for one night ;-))
> >
> >Also, I have spoken to Robyne and she is not doing that great. She is in
> >the same hospital as Suze, on an epidural for pain. Robyne lost her
beloved > >brother-in-law to cancer last week, so grief and pain, she is
> >understandably very emotional.
> >
> >Keep them both in your thoughts, they are both amazing women !!
> >Your pain pal
> >Trace xo
> >

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